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Solusi cara terbaik dan terlengkapThe important of SEO is to maximize the visitors result from search engine, we must first understand the SEO criteria according to Googles guidelines, the most important criteria for article are the right title and description, thats one of the important things about SEO for the web.

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What is SEO and why is Search Engine Optimization important for articles? Can optimization really increase the number of visitors? here is the short answer.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a way you can do to optimize keywords that focus on the article, and it is expected that the keyword is always close to what search engine users are searching for. So in this way, will bring more visitors to the website that we have.

Is SEO essential for optimizing articles on a web? obviously the answer : SEO is very important. Especially if you rely on online marketing, of course the number of visitors every day, and a stable and high traffic is needed. But, another case if the web maker just wants his writings readable by the public, certainly does not have to be stuck with as much importance as SEO itself.

However, to be able to meet more than 250 important SEO criteria is a slim possibility. If we dabble speculation to meet 250 more important SEO criteria, even the result can be worse and risk to decrease your web traffic.

So, how to make SEO important for your website? Well, just do the natural thing. Write articles that flow, easy to understand the reader (human) and easy to understand its meaning semantically and semiotically by search engines. No matter how many important SEO criteria, the key is the relevance between being searched and the desired search results. If we can focus on that core alone, then surely the traffic of web visitors will rise gradually. Although it is not instant results, But at least we have done an effective and logical action.

Besides that, indeed who knows very well the workings of SEO, Well it is certain: search engine itself. We all can only analyze, process and effect during the optimization and check the results later. So, should write the article it should flow natural, and maintain the relevance between the search with the search results with keywords that we aim at. So do not deviate from the core workings of search engines in helping each user to find what they are looking for.

I am very happy, if you who have read this article, can also share his knowledge about important SEO criteria. Because it is learning and sharing is not there, so that science can be evenly distributed and build better things in the future.

Before and after, thank you for your visit and trust. Happy work and activity.