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Solusi cara terbaik dan terlengkapThe most 7 important thing to understand for beginners who want to do SEO optimization is to easily understand the important aspects in it.

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7 Beginners Guide to SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Here is the answer, the concept of: Beginners Guide to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), so as not to be confused and just pay attention to the most core things in doing SEO.

Why SEO is so confusing for beginners? Even possible, for those who are experts even can experience a distraction?

  • 1. Search engines always change the algorithm of indexing periodically, so that search results more accurate, both semantically and semiotically.

  • 2. Rarely or even never conduct an SEO audit of the managed web.

  • 3. Seek and speculation meets all the important criteria in SEO that the search engine applied then.

  • 4. Too much to get information about SEO that is not clear the source of its credibility. So the speculation of doing SEO is not clear results.

  • 5. Less attention to the most important core in doing SEO, especially for beginners.

  • 6. Less anticipation, if the world of SEO is very dynamic, and always changing orientation.

How to beginner though, can quickly adapt in doing SEO? Here is a guide on the core concepts in SEO that must be considered from the beginning you build the web:

  • 1. Note : capacity, quality, quantity of your web hosting in serving the number of visitors coming out into your website. Because it is useless and wasted time, if doing optimization with various techniques, but your web hosting is not strong to serve the incoming and outgoing traffic. Choose a quality web hosting. This is very important for beginners. Simple but sometimes unnoticed.

  • 2. Like any search engine algorithm changing dynamically, Still: the most important is relevance. So, if creating an article, make sure the keywords searched for with search results can be as accurate as possible.

  • 3. Conduct an SEO audit from the beginning, to find out: the advantages and disadvantages of your website. So it has a clear size in adapting to SEO.

  • 4. Do not try to speculate, to meet all the criteria of SEO itself. The most important: thoughts about relevance, such as point 3.

  • 5. Find the latest information on SEO from a trusted web. Especially you can see the statistics of visitors on the web that you believe contains SEO articles. For example: you can see histats there, or at least google analytics.

  • 6. Pay attention to the most important things in doing SEO, especially: well, about the relevance of it earlier, which is in points 2 and point 4.

  • 7. Because SEO is very dynamic, then make your web more universal and easy to develop without having to change-fox your web database structure.

Meanwhile regarding : Beginners Guide to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), hopefully positive and inspirational. Congratulations work, activity, and develop your web.