This is the answer why during the day the number of visitors decreases.

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Why is the holiday, the number of web visitors decreasing? How to anticipate it?

At the time of holiday arrives, of course all internet users go out and vacation with family, friends and their closest relatives. Not much they search through the internet, except for things about the holidays.

Does the article on your website contain things about a fun holiday? or just focus on selling products? if the answer is not more then ..

Certainly, will miss many opportunities, during holidays ..

Well, how to anticipate this? so the number of visitors is not too decreased?

  • 1. Fill your web with articles related to the sights and holidays are fun.

  • 2. Do not make your web articles focus solely on selling products.

  • 3. Connect technically, your web articles that contain about the holidays with the products you sell, it is up to you tactically to do so. The important thing, try not to lose the opportunity.

  • 4. Try carefully, add what if not in your web.

  • 5. Perform SEO audit of your web routinely, in order to be more specific to know what needs to be adapted on your website, especially if there is a change mechanism of search engine indexing.

  • 6. Do not stop learning to do article optimization, until finally find out the most important key in optimization. So not too stuck with all the criteria SEO is very thin to be filled all.

More or less, that can be said about: why if the holidays, the number of visitors decreased as well as anticipation steps. Hopefully these reviews are both positive and inspiring. Happy work and activity.