Download terlengkap cara terbaikSoftware for managing all types of cash and credit transactions

Solusi cara terbaik dan terlengkapSoftware to manage all types of transactions, both cash and credit transactions, suitable for all types of businesses.

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Software to manage all types of transactions.

Along with the development of the era and technology, business is growing more dynamic. Store sales transactions are not limited to cash only.

But almost all types of transactions become alternative payment to buy the product. All types of transactions: what is meant is cash, debt, accounts receivable, credit, annuity, sliding, flat, and floating.

With the increasing character of consumers who choose various types of transactions, of course the shop owner needs software to manage all types of transactions. So that managed store management becomes neat and structured. So that the financial statements become more clear and can be used as a valid reference for future business development.

Software specifications that can be used to manage all types of transactions, among others:

  • 1. Already support client server.

  • 2. Can manage all types of transactions: cash, debt, accounts receivable, credit, annuity, flat, sliding, and floating.

  • 3. Already able to scan item code.

  • 4. Complete financial report periodically.

  • 5. Equipped with data tables and graphs.

  • 6. Bill receipts and receipts are presented in a variety of complete selection formats.

  • 7. Can be connected via internet network with vpn layer that is safe and comfortable.

  • 8. Already support multilevel discount, with price levels that can be arranged variatively.

  • 9. Can to fill: store data, employee data, manager data, transaction data, sales and purchases, or stock of goods.

  • 10. Already support various types of operating systems. The required device does not have to have a high specification, so it is more efficient.

If you need software to manage all types of transactions, then it can try to download anywhere you find it. POSFTV1Rev7 is an extension of Point Of Sales Finance Tools Version 1 Revision 7. This software contains the above 10 specifications, and can be customized to customize the business you manage (Custom Premium).

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