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    Understanding search engine is important for basic SEO because it can increase traffic and the number of visitors to your website. The most easy to understand SEO criteria is about the relevance between the keyword being searched and the search results. If 2 important SEO criteria is contained in your article, then it is clear the number of visitors coming through search engines will increase. Of course, this is very fun for all managers of blogs and web owners.

    Is SEO important for article search? Well, but the chances are slim to meet more than 250 SEO important criteria that need. If we dabble speculating to meet these more 250 SEO important criteria, even the results can be worse than we want. The most SEO important thing to do should be: write a natural flowing article, keep the content and the flow flowing, meet the core rules of search engine optimization, retain the meaning of the meaning behind the words we write in order to be understood by the reader (human) and still easy to understand by search engines. If these two SEO important criteria can only be met naturally, Im sure your website traffic will surely rise slowly but surely. No matter how important SEO is to our articles, it is still the writing that flows more favorably to the readers. And nowadays, search engines put forward the interest of its users.

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a series of ways that are done to optimize keywords that focus on the article, important SEO criteria must be met in order to bring more visitors to the website. And now, there are probably 250 important SEO criteria. Thats a complex thing, if we try to meet everything must also consider the risks later, what can increase the number of visitors? or vice versa. Think of it all, before you do SEO.

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