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    Keep flowing on writing article rather than dizziness stuck with the result even confused. Write an article is a must for all managers of blogs and web owners. But there is a time where we become very lazy and bored to write an article, especially if it can not increase traffic. Search engines like google are now hard to know what they want. The SERP result is uncertain. Instead of confused with SEO optimization, its better to write flowing articles only. Because it is now google how it works is approaching the human perspective by better able to understand the meaning behind the word. The rest for this paper, please translate yourself and hopefully provide positive and inspirational benefits.

    Why writing article must be keep flow naturally because the way search engines work is getting closer to a human perspective. This is done so that each user gets more accurate results. Especially in matching the meaning behind the word that is actually being searched by search engine users. Therefore, every article we write should keep flowing natural as it is. No need to be too stuck with SEO targets. Because the article if too optimized for search engines, will usually more confusing results later.

    Write article flowing sometimes give more better result of many search engines rule. Write article that you can as you know. But, article flowing must be keep according to direction. Flowing make anythink article comfortable for reader (human) and search engines. Keep flowing in accordance with your thoughts and what you know, without too much stuck with too many search engine rules. Because search engines now like article flowing in accordance with the topics covered.

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